Sarresid’s Privacy Policy

Sarresid is committed to safeguarding your data to the highest possible degree practicable. It shall expend its best endeavors and efforts to keep your trust. In order to fulfill the above, the present Privacy Policy, hereinafter referred to as the “document” is drawn up by us. It is hereby declared that the contents herein only cover such information furnished by “you” i.e. the “user” so that the application of Sarresid can function properly.

The present document is prepared in accordance with the final changes made to the laws and regulations in force in the country and it entails the entirety of your rights per the stipulations of the E-Commerce act, as ratified in 1382, Freedom of Access and Propagation of Information Act, as ratified in 1387 and other relevant international documents.

1) What type of information do we collect?

Once you benefit from the services provided through the application, the following data shall be collected: technical information related to the device on which the application is installed i.e. “device technical data”, your personal information made available to us at the time of sign-up, use and development i.e. “personal information” and also the information rendered available in the file and customer management and Sarresid’s contact information sections i.e. “counsel information”.

Sarresid is accessible offline so that you can optimize your use. Once you get back online, the changes made in your account are updated in your personal profile. This option is only available for basic services such as file, customers and audience management.

In order to provide access to the information you have added to the application, even in instances where it is not possible for you to log in to your account or to the installed application on your phone for any reason, Sarresid stores your information on its own approved servers.

1-1- Device Technical Data

1. Device type and the operating system of your device

2. Duration and time-span of use of the services provided by Sarresid

3. Technical information and server reports including IP address, day and time of event.

4- Correspondences and information emanating from contacting Sarresid’s support.

Note 1: Device Technical Data is used for user behavior analysis, display of ads or customized offers. They are not directly related to any specific natural person.

Note 2: Sarresid’s application is equipped with voice to text transcription capability. As such, we request permission for access to the user’s microphone. Once access is granted, the user shall have the discretion to fill out the sections relevant to voice messages.

2-1- Personal Information

1. Data related to your account’s transactions and your use of the credit in Sarresid’s application for posting of ads on Divar (data related to your card and bank account are not stored by Sarresid)

2. Data related to user account: identity information and mobile phone number

3-1- Counsel Information

1. Data regarding the property’s file, including: property’s specifications, address and its placement on the map, area, number of rooms, date of construction and the like, photo and video relevant to the property.

2. phone numbers saved in the phone book

3. data saved in the customer (applicant) section, including: customer specifications (name and contact details) and specifications regarding the requested property.

Note 1: You have the option of offline data storage. It is noteworthy that you will not be able to recall your data if you choose offline storage and do not save your data on our servers

2) What do we use the collected data for?

Data collected on Sarresid is used for the following purposes:

1. Security improvement and proper program functioning based on the goals of Sarresid

2. Improving Sarresid services in light of the needs and conditions of the user and better support services.

3. Upon request by competent authorities, your personal information and your identity will be submitted to the said authorities. Otherwise, such data remains confidential with Sarresid.

3) Security of your data

3-1- Sarresid is committed to safeguarding your security. To realize this, administrative, technical and physical measures are adopted and use is made of processes and state-of-the-art technologies to secure your data. All this is done to prevent unauthorized access, use and disclosure.

3-2- Sarresid shall try its utmost to maintain the highest and most satisfactory level of security of your information and prevention of access of third parties thereto. This notwithstanding, due to sabotage or cyber-attacks, there always remains the possibility of third party unauthorized partial or complete access. In such cases no responsibility is borne by Sarresid and we shall adopt necessary judicial measures against the said third parties within the framework of the rules and regulations in force.

3-3- You as the user should also observe security measures to protect your information, including:

3-3-1- Protect your account and do not let others have access thereto.

3-3-2- In order to improve your account security, Sarresid sends you a single-use one time password (OTP) to the mobile number registered by you at the time of each log-in.

3-3-3- If your cellphone is stolen or in case you transfer the ownership of you cell number, kindly inform us of the same so that we suspend your account until such time as the information therein is amended. Otherwise and in instances of access by third parties to your password, you shall be solely responsible for any use or misuse of the account and Sarresid shall bear no responsibility in this regard.

4) Document Alterations

In time, minor or major changes might be made to the provisions stated herein. You will be informed of such alterations. If you continue using the application upon being informed of such changes by Sarresid, this will be construed as consenting to the provisions of the new document.